Posted on 12/11/2019
2019-12-11 Letter Thumbnail

2019-12-11 Letter Thumbnail

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To All Phase 2 Applicants:

Applicants who have not received Temporary Approval for Non-Retailer Commercial Cannabis Activity pursuant to Section 104.08(a) of the Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) were required to pass a pre-licensing inspection by December 31, 2019. On October 22, 2019, the Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) notified applicants that the deadline to request an inspection from DCR would be on December 13, 2019.

Section 104.08 (f) of the Los Angeles Municipal Code authorizes DCR to grant applicants an extension to pass the pre-licensing inspection due to extenuating circumstances as determined by DCR in its sole discretion.

DCR recognizes that there are challenges associated with completing construction due to the complexity and high cost to comply with Building and Zoning Code requirements and other ancillary construction upgrades in the electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems of an existing building. Therefore, DCR grants an extension of time until March 31, 2020, to all Phase 2 Non-Retailer Commercial Cannabis Activity applicants who have not received Temporary Approval. Furthermore, Phase 2 applicants must request their pre-licensing inspection on or before March 1, 2020.

Phase 2 Applicants must submit the pre-licensing inspection in writing by email at, with the subject line "Request for Pre-Licensing Inspection. Application No. LA-C-18-XXXXXX-APP"



Executive Director

Department of Cannabis Regulation