DCR Transmits Reports for Immediate Council Consideration


It is the Department’s position that immediate and comprehensive amendments are necessary for a more responsible and equitable Licensing and Social Equity Program. The Department of Cannabis Regulation is seeking to improve the administration of the City’s commercial cannabis Licensing and Social Equity Program through a proposed comprehensive reorganization and revision to Article 4, Chapter X of the Los Angeles Municipal Code (Cannabis Procedures Ordinance). 

On June 16, 2020, the Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) transmitted a series of reports to the Los Angeles City Council proposing amendments to the Cannabis Procedures Ordinance. The Department’s reports can be accessed through the Council File Management System via the assigned Council Files below.  

CF No. 20-0782: DCR Report No. 1 

CF No. 20-0785: DCR Report No. 2 

CF No. 17-0653: DCR Report No. 3

CF No. 20-0420: DCR Report No. 4 

CF No. 20-0777: DCR 2020 Fee Study Report 


The Department of Cannabis Regulation’s reports to the Los Angeles City Council include the Department’s immediate policy objectives which seek to do the following:

  • Establish a process for the issuance of temporary approval for all applicants.

  • Allow businesses to relocate. 

  • Clarify the process for applicants to request a finding of Public Convenience or Necessity.

  • Allow individuals to participate in the Social Equity Program based on the original criteria or new criteria as supported by the Expanded Cannabis Social Equity Analysis.

  • Amend the selection process for Phase 3 Round 2 Type 10 retail application processing by establishing a selection process that identifies Social Equity Individual Applicants eligible for further process via a lottery process rather than an  online, first-come, first serve process.

  • Limit Type 10 and Type 9 application processing to Social Equity Individual Applicants until January 1, 2025, unless an applicant received priority processing under LAMC Sec. 104.07

  • Expand the definition of Equity Share and establish related requirements to provide additional protections to mitigate against potential predatory practices.

  • Reorganize, clarify and include necessary procedures for the administration of the City’s commercial cannabis Licensing and Social Equity Program.

  • Address recommendations put forth by the Cannabis Regulation Commission.

  • Address extensive feedback from the licensing and Social Equity Program stakeholders.

The Department looks forward to engaging with stakeholders and policymakers on these recommendations to address ongoing opportunities to improve the Department’s Licensing and Social Equity Program.