Phase 1 Address Change Service Request Intake Form: This form is used by an EMMD to submit a request to relocate to a new business address in the City. Requests to relocate will be accepted until 4:00 p.m. on Friday, November 30, 2018. DCR requires the following information to process your request:

  1. Your current business address at which you have Temporary Approval;
  2. The new business address at which you are seeking Temporary Approval; and, 
  3. A letter of intent from the landlord of the new business address. 

The letter of intent must be emailed to  within one hour of submission of this form.

After receipt of this information, DCR will determine whether the new business address complies with the City’s zoning and sensitive use restrictions.  If the new business address is compliant, DCR will issue a local authorization letter to allow you to pursue a state temporary license from the state licensing agencies.  

If you receive a state temporary license(s) at the new business address, you will not immediately receive Temporary Approval from DCR to operate at that address.  DCR will first require that you submit the following information:

  1. Copy of a state temporary license with the new business address;
  2. Statement of Information form from the Secretary of State showing new  business address;
  3. Copy of government-issued ID (should match the ID for person who picked up the original L050 BTRC);
  4. Current lease agreement (showing new business address); and,
  5. Previous lease agreement (showing old business address) OR a letter of termination from landlord.

Once DCR confirms that you have submitted all required information, it will issue you a supplemental invoice to take to the Office of Finance, which will process the address change in their system and update your BTRC records to reflect the new business address. At that point, you will receive Temporary Approval from DCR to operate at the new address.