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Accela updates

In preparation of the opening of the Phase 3, Round 1 Licensing process, the Accela Citizen Access Portal has been updated with the following changes:

2019-06-28 Important Notice to All Social Equity Applicants

Please be aware that if you have allowed or plan to allow another person, such as an attorney or paid representative, to create/register your User Profile in the DCR’s online portal (also known as "Accela"), you may not be able to log into and have access to your own account. 

2019-06-20 Workshop DCR WebGraphic

Please note that the same information was presented at the May 16th and June 5th workshops. If you attended either workshop then the information presented will be a review. 

2019-06-05 SEP EVA Now Open

The Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) is pleased to announce that DCR staff are now available to provide individual appointments to assist Social Equity Applicants with completing their Social Equity Program Eligibility Verification Applications through our Accela Civic Engagement Portal.