Public Convenience or Necessity Application Process (PCN)

PCN Application Process

Request a PCN Finding


Steps to request a PCN Finding

  1. Verified Social Equity Program Applicants may log into their Accela Citizen Access account and Select “Apply for a License” under the “Activities” tab.
  2. Applicant responds “Yes” to the question regarding Areas of Undue Concentration, completes the process as directed, including uploading documents, then submitting the PCN request. Upon completion, a record number will be issued.
    • Illustrated below is a screenshot of the first question you must answer to be directed to the PCN process. Failure to select “Yes” will route applicants to the Phase 3 Retail Round 1 application and applicants applying for Phase 3 Retail Round 1 whose premises is in an area of undue concentration will automatically have their applications deemed ineligible.

    PCN screenshot annotated

  3. DCR staff will conduct a cursory review of the information provided. If no immediate disqualifiers are identified, a PCN Request Fee invoice will be issued to the Applicant.
  4. Applicant must pay the PCN Request Fee of $1,499 at the Office of Finance within 10-days of the date of the invoice date.
  5. Within two business days of payment, the Applicant will be able to complete the PCN Request Form; DCR will forward the completed PCN Request Package to the City Clerk to be assigned a Council File Number (CFN) within the City’s Council File Management System.
  6. Once the request is assigned a CFN, the Applicant will have five days to provide any supporting documentation to DCR which will be forwarded to the City Clerk and uploaded to the Applicant’s CFN. The Applicant is encouraged to subscribe via email for updates to the assigned CFN, so they will know when their request is scheduled before the City Council.