Apply for Commercial Cannabis Authorization / License

How to Submit an Application

Accela Application Portal

Accela Application Portal


Application process is currently closed. Please feel free to create an account in anticipation of Phase 3.
If you want to submit an application for a testing lab, or to renew an existing Phase 1 or Phase 2 application, please contact DCR directly to set up an appointment.

New users must register to apply for a license. Users may register at any time; click here to register. Please note that registration may take some time, so you are advised to reserve extra time if this is your first time accessing the site.

Account Registration

Fill in your desired user name, password, e-mail address, security question and answer.

Account Registration 1

Click “Add New” to add contact information.

Account Registration 2

Enter contact information, including name, e-mail, phone, Social Security Number and date of birth.

Account Registration 3

Once contact information is entered into the required fields, click “Add Contact Address.”

Account Registration 4

Enter address information into required fields. Once finished, click “Save and Close,” or “Save and Add Another” to include additional addresses.

Account Registration 5

Once finished adding addresses, click “Continue.”

Account Registration 6

You will be brought back to the main registration screen. Click to check the “I’m not a robot” box, then click “Continue Registration.

Account Registration 7

You are now registered and may use your username and password to login. You should receive an e-mail confirmation within a few minutes stating that you have successfully registered an account with the Department of Cannabis Regulation.

Account Registration 8