Apply for Commercial Cannabis Authorization / License

How to Submit an Application

Accela Application Portal

How to Submit an Application

DCR accepts applications only through the Accela Civic Platform. To start an application, first register for an Accela Civic Platform account, then follow the prompts to provide detailed information and documents about your proposed cannabis business, including the following:

  1. Location. The physical address of the business premises where you will conduct the commercial cannabis activity AND written authorization from the landowner to engage in commercial cannabis activity at that address. A Tier 1 or Tier 2 Social Equity Applicant may start an application before it has identified a business premises.
  2. Premises Diagram. A detailed diagram of the proposed business premises in a format required by the DCR.
  3. Business Records. All of your business formation documents which may include, but are not limited to: certificates of stock, bylaws, operating or partnership agreements, ownership-related agreements or contracts, and all documents filed with the California Secretary of State.
  4. Owners and Financial Interest Holders. A complete list of all of the owners of, and financial interest holders in the business in the format required by DCR. (see our Forms page for the Ownership Disclosure Form.) All owners must submit to a background check for disqualifying felony convictions.
  5. Operation Plans. Detailed operation plans for the proposed commercial cannabis business, including plans for: security, retail, distribution, manufacturing, cultivation and testing (as applicable). Please see DCR’s operation plan requirements on our Forms page for more information.

For a full description of the application requirements, please review Regulation No. 3 of the City’s Rules and Regulations for Cannabis Procedures (here).