Technology Requirements for Virtual Inspections

  1. Access to a mobile device (iPhone, Ipad, Android Phone, etc.)
  2. WIFI or a strong 4G or 5G signal throughout the entire Business Premises.
  3. Ability to download the Google Meet app on the mobile device.  
  4. Ability to access the security system to perform video playback for the Inspection team.

Applicants who are unable to meet these technology requirements and would like to schedule an Initial Inspection, please email  with the subject line “Virtual Initial Inspection Technical Support”.

Scheduling a Virtual Inspection

  1. Email the inspection request to with the subject line, “Initial Inspection Request - Application No. XX-X-XX-XXXXXX-R-APP”.  Please provide at least three preferred dates and times.  
  2. Within 3 business days, DCR will respond to the email to confirm the date and time for the Initial Inspection and verify the name of the Person-in-Charge or Manager from the Accela Application record. Please make sure that the Accela record contains the correct contact information for the Person-in-Charge or Manager.  
  3. The Applicant must respond to the scheduling email asking to reschedule or confirming the scheduled date. 
  4. Requests to reschedule or cancel an inspection must be emailed at least 48 hours to with the subject line, “Reschedule Initial Inspection Request - Application No. XX-X-XX-XXXXXX-R-APP”.   
  5. Once an inspection has been scheduled and confirmed, failure to appear for the inspection will result in a “Failed Inspection.” Applicants who receive a “Failed Inspection” result for any reason shall schedule another inspection and will again be charged the Standard Inspection Fee pursuant to LAMC 104.19(h).
  6. If not previously submitted, the Applicant must submit  the current Business Premises Diagram, the Certificate of Occupancy, and a fully executed lease for the Business Premises. Failure to provide these documents will result in the inspection being canceled. The inspection will not be rescheduled until these documents are submitted. 

Virtual Inspection Process

  1. Prior to inspection, DCR’s Lead Inspector will give a brief introduction and provide information on how the inspection will be conducted.
  2. Inspectors utilize the DCR “Initial Inspection Worksheet.” The inspection will result in a “Pass” or “Fail” determination. 
  3. At the conclusion of the inspection, DCR’s Lead Inspector will conduct a debrief with the Applicant discussing the inspection results and any next steps.     
  4. A “Failed” inspection result will require a second inspection. A second Standard Inspection Fee will be charged pursuant to LAMC 104.19(h).