Additional Commercial Cannabis Licensing & Operating Requirements

State Licensing 

Operating Requirements

Licensing Renewal

Operating Requirements for Licensees

Once you obtain temporary approval or a license to engage in commercial cannabis activity in the City, you are required to comply with all applicable operating requirements set by the City and the State. Both the City and the State licensing agencies have published extensive regulations for the operation of a commercial cannabis business, including: security procedures, cannabis storage, customer interaction, and record-keeping. Links to these regulations can be found here:

City of Los Angeles Rules and Regulations for Cannabis Procedures
BCC Regulations
CDFA Regulations
CDPH Regulations

A Licensee who violates any applicable regulations is subject to administrative enforcement up to and including license revocation. Any act, omission, or failure of an agent, officer, or other person acting for or employed by a Licensee, within the scope of his or her employment or office, shall in every case be deemed the act, omission, or failure of the Licensee.

A Licensee’s Business Premises shall be subject to inspection, investigation, or audit by DCR or its agents to determine compliance with applicable operating requirements. An inspection, investigation or audit is a review of any books, records, accounts, inventory, or on-site operations specific to the Business Premises. Inspections, investigations, or audits may include, but are not limited to, employees or agents of the following City and County departments: DCR, Building and Safety, LAPD, LAFD, Office of Finance, and Los Angeles County Department of Health Services.