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Access to the Accela User Profile Account is necessary to submit a Phase 3 Retail Round 1 Application on September 3, 2019. To ensure access to one’s User Profile in the DCR online portal (also known as "Accela"), Applicants need to create and register their own private account. If an account has been created with the Applicant’s name and Social Security Number by a third party, such as an attorney or other paid representative, the Applicant may find they are blocked from accessing the account. In that case, the Applicant MUST visit the DCR office in person to update their account to grant or restore access. Applicants will need to present a government-issued ID and Social Security Card to DCR staff in order to verify ownership of the account. It is highly recommended that Applicants confirm account accessibility before September 3, 2019 to ensure that all documents and contact information in the system are correct. It is the Applicant’s responsibility to secure their private access to the user account associated with their application in order to participate in the Phase 3 Retail Round 1 application process, which opens September 3, 2019.