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PLEASE NOTE: This list does not reflect an Applicant’s compliance with Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) Section 104.06.01(c) or an Applicant’s compliance with the zoning and sensitive use requirements in LAMC Sections 104 and 105 et seq. Therefore, it does not establish or guarantee an Applicant’s submission is eligible for further processing, a Temporary Approval, or an Annual License.

The information contained in the "Phase 3 Retail Round 1 Application Submissions" pdf document reflects Phase 3 Retail Round 1 (P3RR1) applications submitted during the 14-day application filing period.  P3RR1 began on September 3, 2019 at 10:00 AM and ended on September 17, 2019 at 10:00 AM. The applications are listed in review order by submission date and timestamp.  This list does not include Public Convenience or Necessity (PCN) requests for businesses with premises located in an area of Undue Concentration. 

DCR is reviewing applications in submission order. Only applications which are complete and comply with LAMC Sections 104 and 105 et seq. will be considered. Pursuant to LAMC Section 104.06.1, the first 100 submitted applications that meet all requirements will be eligible for further processing. The initial application review process is currently ongoing but will conclude once DCR identifies the 100 applications eligible for further processing.

Click PDF iconhere to access the PDF iconPhase 3 Retail Round 1 Application Submissions list.

To view a list of the 100 Phase 3 Retail Round One Social Equity applicants eligible for further processing click here.