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Los Angeles County Department of Public Health launched a teen-focused education campaign, “Bigger Choices,” to prevent cannabis use and encourage teens to make bigger choices now for a better future tomorrow. Learn how teens are talking about cannabis and how it affects their lives and futures at

Cannabis Effects
Our brains continue to develop until about age 25. Using cannabis at a young age can prevent your brain from reaching its full potential. It can also affect your attention, memory, learning, decision-making, and even your job opportunities and financial aid for college. To learn more on how cannabis can affect you, visit

Problematic Cannabis Use
When does using cannabis become problematic? When you use more than you planned to or when you try to quit repeatedly but you can’t stop using it. When it becomes a priority over living your life to its fullest potential and it gets in the way of school, sports, extracurricular activities, or your job. If you or someone you know needs help, call the Los Angeles County Substance Abuse Service Helpline, anytime 24/7 for FREE, at (844) 804-7500 to learn about no-cost treatment services available in Los Angeles County.

State Program
The California Department of Public Health’s “Let’s Talk Cannabis”, health information and education campaign, details what’s legal in California and the potential health impacts of cannabis use.

Guide to Adult-Use Cannabis Sales and Consumption Within the City of Los Angeles

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Relevant City Municipal and Administrative Code Sections

Cannabis Procedures  (See Section 104.20 for Social Equity Program)
Article 4, Chapter X of the Los Angeles Municipal Code

Cannabis Location Restrictions
Article 5, Chapter X of the Los Angeles Municipal Code

Department of Cannabis Regulation and Cannabis Regulation Commission
Chapter 31 of the Los Angeles Administrative Code

Cannabis Taxation
Sections 21.51 and 21.52 of Article 1, Chapter II of the Los Angeles Municipal Code

Advertising of Cannabis, Cannabis Products, and Cannabis Activity
Article 6, Chapter X of the Los Angeles Municipal Code

DCR Regulations

Cannabis Rules and Regulations for Cannabis Procedures

Additional Social Equity Program Documents

Addendum to the Cannabis Social Equity Analysis Report

Cannabis Social Equity Analysis Report

Original Motion on Social Equity Program

State Legislation & Regulations

State Legislation and Regulations

Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act

Assembly Bill 133

Senate Bill 94

Adult-Use of Marijuana Act

State Resources

California Cannabis Portal

California Secretary of State

California Department of Tax and Fee Administration
Tax Guide for Cannabis Business

State Licensing & Regulatory Agencies

Department of Consumer Affairs
Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC)

Department of Food and Agriculture
CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing

Department of Public Health
Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch (MCSB)