Posted on 05/28/2020
General Update GFX

Phase 2 Applicants seeking to obtain a Temporary Approval must request their Pre-Licensing Inspection on or before June 3, 2020. The request must be in writing by email to, with the subject line “Request for Pre-Licensing Inspection - Application No. LA-C-18-XXXXXX-APP”. Pre-Licensing Inspection requests will only be accepted for the Business Premises location listed in the application.

DCR will not accept inspection requests after June 3, 2020. Applicants who do not request a Pre-Licensing Inspection by June 3, 2020 shall have their Application(s) deemed Abandoned.

Please note, pursuant to Los Angeles Municipal Code Sec. 104.08(e), Phase 2 Applicants are not currently permitted to change the location of their Business Premises.