Application Processing

The City of Los Angeles has established a Licensing and Social Equity Program that enumerates various restrictions related to licensing and application processing. 

Social Equity Applicants receive certains benefits related to application processing.

Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 104.20(c)(4)(i) and Section 104.06.1 establish application processing requirements, which require DCR to provide Social Equity Applicants the following when certain requirements are met: 

  • Priority access to retail and delivery Licenses
  • Priority License Application Processing 
  • Priority License Renewal Processing 

Please see Table S1 for information about commercial cannabis activity license restrictions and application processing restrictions. 

Table S1: Commercial Cannabis Activity and Application Restrictions

License Type 

License CAP

Are Applications Currently Being Accepted?

Application Processing Restrictions 






Application processing opened on October 20, 2020.





Application processing opened on October 20, 2020.

Non-Volatile Manufacturing 




Application processing opened on October 20, 2020.

Volatile Manufacturing 













Yes. Limited to Social Equity Applicants until January 1, 2025 
(Phase 3)

SEAs must be verified.

SEAs may be verified under the original eligibility criteria or the expanded eligibility criteria.

Application processing opened on October 20, 2020.




Yes. Limited to Social Equity Applicants until January 1, 2025 (Phase 3 Round 2)

Licenses are limited per CPA.

To apply in a CPA that has reached Undue Concentration,eligibility must be verified pursuant to LAMC Sections. 104.20(b) and 104.06.1(c)(3) before submitting a PCN Request.

A lottery will be administered to determine which eligible SEAs are selected to  apply for a License in a CPA that has not reached Undue Concentration.

SEAs must be verified pursuant to LAMC Sections  104.20(b) and 104.06.1(c)(3) before being determined eligible to participate in the lottery. 

Phase 3 Retail Round 1 Application Processing 

Pursuant to Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) Section 104.06.1(b), the Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) is authorized to identify a total of 200 Social Equity Individual Applicants who are eligible for further processing in Phase 3 Retail Round 1 (P3RR1).  

DCR has concluded its review of all eligible P3RR1 Applications and identified 200 Social Equity Individual Applicants eligible for further processing. To view a list of the 200 P3RR1 Social Equity Individual Applicants eligible for further processing click here.

A list of all P3RR1 Applicants and their Application status can be found here

Status Legend for P3RR1 Lists:
Eligible for Further Processing; LAMC Sec. 104.06.1(b)(6) - first set of 100 eligible Applications
Eligible for Further Processing; LAMC Sec. 104.06.1(b)(7) - second set of 100 eligible Applications
Ineligible; 700 ft from another P3RR1
Ineligible; 700 ft from a sensitive use 
Ineligible; 700 ft from an EMMD
Ineligible; Zoning Non-Compliance
Ineligible; Documents Incomplete
Abandoned; Non-Payment of Application Fees
Ineligible; Undue Concentration Reached
Ineligible for Further Processing; 200 Applications Already Identified
DCR Test Application
Rejected; Duplicate Application

Business, Licensing and Compliance Assistance

The Department seeks to assist Social Equity Applicants through programming, curriculum development and training in the areas of state and local licensing requirements, commercial cannabis regulations, general business development, cannabis-specific business development and workforce development. 

DCR is contracting with qualified consultants to assist Social Equity Program applicants with Business, Licensing, and Compliance Assistance. 

Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, all Business, Licensing, and Compliance Assistance programming will be provided online and will be accessible 24/7.. 

Online curriculum will include but not limited to:

  • State and Local licensing Requirements
  • Commercial Cannabis Regulations
  • Cannabis Specific Business Development & Workforce Development
  • General Business Development
  • Cannabis Technology Business Development Services Education

Fee Deferral Program

Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 104.20.4(ii) establishes a Fee Deferral Program that is available to Social Equity Applicants.

The Department of Cannabis Regulation is currently working to establish requirements to participate in the Program which will be established in the Rules and Regulations. 

Participating in the Fee Deferral Program may be subject to the availability of resources.

To date, DCR has made $250,000 available to verified Social Equity Applicants through the Fee Deferral Program. 

Additional Fee Deferrals will be made available as resources allow.

Pro Bono Legal Services

The Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Cannabis Section, in partnership with DCR, has created a Pro Bono Legal Assistance program which will operate through the Bar Association’s Smart Law Referral Service for Social Equity Applicants.

The goals of this referral resource are to promote fair and equitable participation in the licensed commercial cannabis industry, and to foster a level playing field as it relates to access to legal counsel, and help deter predatory practices targeting the social equity community. 

This referral service is available ONLY to Social Equity Applicants who applied in Phase 3 Retail Round 1 and were determined eligible for further processing under Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 104.06.1(b). Depending on demand and availability, these services may be expanded to other applicants in the future. 

If you are a Phase 3 Social Equity Individual Applicant with an application deemed eligible for further processing and interested in receiving limited pro bono legal services, please complete the online survey titled “Pro Bono Legal Services Survey.” You must complete the required information in the Pro Bono Legal Services Survey and upload the Authorization Agreement to the survey to complete the survey process.

California Social Equity Resources

On November 20, 2020, the Department of Cannabis Regulation joined the Bureau of Cannabis Control for a Social Equity Joint Workshop. 


The workshop included social equity applicant information and resources from the Bureau of Cannabis Control, the CDFA CalCannabis Cultivation, and the Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch.  The Bureau of Cannabis Control also provided information about their Equity-Local Liaison Unit, the State Cannabis Licensing Process, and Unified License Search. 

For additional information on these resources, click here, visit the BCC’s website, or contact the BCC’s Equity Unit utilizng the contact information below.

Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) Equity Unit Contact Information

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BCC Website:
California Cannabis Portal:

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Equity Unit Email Address: 

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Equity Unit Phone: (833) 493-0583