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Programming to Directly Assist Social Equity Entrepreneurs in Launching a Commercial Cannabis Business in Los Angeles

DCR has selected five vendors to provide targeted programming to Social Equity entrepreneurs interested in launching a commercial cannabis business in Los Angeles. This online programming will cover: State and Local licensing Requirements, Commercial Cannabis Regulations, Cannabis Specific Business Development & Workforce Development, General Business Development, Cannabis Technology Business Development Services Education.

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Check back here for the launch of our online curricula!

Upcoming Events

Webinar Series: How to Apply for a Cannabis Business License

Webinar Series Resources for Commercial Cannabis License Applicants How to Apply for a Cannabis Business License Thursdays at 6 PM on Zoom January 13 Location Requirements January 20 Temporary Approval Process January 27 Filling out your Application Forms February 3 Equity Share Requirements


Schedule Subject
Thursday, January 13th, at 6 PM Location Requirements
Thursday, January 20, at 6 PM Temporary Approval Process
Thursday, January 27, at 6 PM Filling out your Application Forms
Thursday, February 3rd, at 6 PM Equity Share Requirements

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Webinar Series: Pathways For Growth in Cannabis

Pathways for Growth in the Cannabis Industry
Schedule Subject
Tuesday, January 18th, at 12 PM Orientation for Job Seekers #1
Tuesday, January 25th, at 12 PM Orientation for Job Seekers #2
Friday, February 11th, at 12 PM Interview Session
Friday, March 4th, at 12 PM Resume Writing Session
Wednesday, March 23rd, at 12 PM Leadership Session
Wednesday, March 30th, at 12 PM Management Session

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